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Driving Forward our COVID-19 Policy Priorities for Patients

430,000 people – it’s a huge number. It’s the population of Minneapolis. Nine straight days of sell-out crowds at Yankee Stadium. Nearly the entire enrollment of the Southeastern Conference. And it’s the number of people who, in the last six weeks, have become newly eligible for Medicaid, thanks to successful ballot initiatives this summer in Oklahoma and Missouri. LLS, our staff, and our volunteers are proud to have played a role in this major win for patients.

When the Insurance Says No to a Clinical Trial

As an LLS Clinical Trial Nurse Navigator, Ashley Giacobbi works tirelessly to connect the right patient with the right clinical trial – work that has become increasingly complicated in the COVID-19 era. But recently, she went the extra mile to ensure a patient – a young healthcare worker whose AML had relapsed several times – could access a trial that offered a promising treatment option.

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