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Link Policy

Link Policy

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) does not provide links from its website(s) to external sites except as specified by business or contractual relationships with sponsors/partners and select information providers.

Permission to create a link to any LLS Internet websites (the "Sites") is granted upon compliance with the conditions described in this Link Agreement. By creating a link to any of the Sites, you agree to be bound by the terms stated in this Link Agreement. LLS reserves the right to change these conditions at any time without prior notice, and compliance with such revised terms is a prerequisite to your continued right to link to the Sites.

LLS expect persons or organizations that link to the Sites to provide factually correct information and to uphold high ethical standards in developing and presenting information. Permission to link to the Sites is limited to: (i) active volunteers or participants in any event sponsored or benefiting LLS or its affiliates; (ii) donors or sponsors with formal affiliations with LLS or its affiliates; (iii) recipients of LLS grants or sponsorships using language outlined in the funding contracts; (iv) organizations actively participating in blood cancer research or education or aid to blood cancer survivors or other activities in fulfillment of LLS mission; (v) community non-profit organizations serving the needs of blood cancer survivors; or (vi) individuals or organizations that, through the approval of LLS, are members of advocacy or grassroots fundraising groups. If you do not fall into any of these categories, please contact LLS prior to linking.

When linking to the Sites, you may use a text link. You must use hypertext only and it must be in the following form: "The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society®." Any variation without written consent from LLS may result in immediate termination of your rights to link to the Sites.

Please note that only official sponsors, partners and fundraising participants affiliated with LLS who have a written license agreement with LLS may use the official LLS registered logo (or any other LLS trademarks, service marks, logos or slogans) as a link.

When linking to the Sites, you may not create a frame around the information provided from the Sites, imbed content into your site, or represent it differently in any way other than it is presented on the Sites.

When linking to the Sites, you may not state or imply that LLS is endorsing you and/or any of the products or services that you or your organization provides. Additionally, you may not represent that you or your organization has a relationship with LLS or any of the events, products or services that LLS provides unless that relationship is the subject of a written agreement that has been signed by LLS. You must clearly communicate to the public that you are one of the persons or organizations permitted to link (as identified above) by stating that you are a donor or blood cancer survivor or LLS supporter, etc., as applicable.

By linking to the Sites, you acknowledge the following:

Except for sponsor materials or unless otherwise indicated, LLS holds the copyright to all materials on the Sites. Further, except for trademarks, service marks and logos of its sponsors, or unless otherwise indicated, LLS owns all of the trademarks, service marks and logos ("Marks") used and displayed on the Sites. Without the express written consent of LLS, you may not copy, reproduce, display, republish, download, post or otherwise use any of the material or Marks from the Sites on your website or on another website. Any use of the Marks requires a separate agreement with LLS and is permitted only subject to, and in accordance with, LLS's standard branding guidelines and quality control and trademark guidelines and license of use of the Marks.
LLS assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any content of any website that is linked to the Sites.
You agree to hold harmless LLS, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, affiliates and licensors from all claims arising out of or related to your link to, or inability to link to, the Sites. If your link to the Sites results in the need for servicing or repair of equipment or data, you agree to assume any costs thereof.
LLS reserves the right to terminate any links to the Sites, as it deems necessary, with or without cause or warning. If LLS chooses to exercise this right, you will be required to remove your link to the Sites immediately.
You agree to comply at all times with the Terms Of Use posted on the Sites, which are incorporated into this Link Agreement by reference.

To request to link to LLS web content, contact us by email.

To find out how to be an LLS Sponsor or Partner, or to request a reciprocal linkage agreement, please email

To request copyright permission visit the Copyright page.