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Walgreens Partners with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Susan G. Komen to Advance Cancer Research and Increase Access to Care

This February, Walgreens continues their annual spring fundraiser with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Susan G. Komen. During this multi-year partnership, Walgreens pledges to donate more than $25 million by 2024 to advance research for tough-to-treat cancers and increase equitable access to care.

Researchers Share Key Career Advice with LLS College Club Members

LLS Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gwen Nichols, had the privilege of moderating an LLS on Campus Researcher Panel attended by LLS college club members from nearly 30 universities across the country. These clubs bring together students interested in pursuing health-related careers and provide opportunities to hear from scientists working to better understand and treat blood cancers

Language Matters: What Supporters Say is Not Always What People with Cancer Hear

Steve Buechler produced our first LLS Community member written content. We are excited to provide this opportunity to other members of our online network as well. Steve shares his own experience as a person diagnosed with AML in the article below.

What’s Next in Blood Cancer: Looking Ahead to 2023

We’ve come a long way and we continue to make substantial progress. The outlook for blood cancer patients is better than ever, but it’s still nowhere near good enough. With more than $233 million dollars currently committed to research into every type of blood cancer, you can be sure LLS

LLS and volunteers cheer California laws promoting health equity

LLS and blood cancer advocates are celebrating after our efforts helped make two bills become law in California, advancing health equity and improving cancer care for thousands.


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