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Patient Aid Program

(Open) Fund is currently OPEN and accepting applications.

If the fund is listed as Open, please visit the How to Apply section to apply.
If the fund is listed as Fully Subscribed, it is at maximum capacity, serving those enrolled, and is no longer accepting applications.


Please note: Changes to funds are reflected on this webpage as quickly as possible. For up-to-the-minute fund status, please call (877) 557-2672. If you started an application prior to a fund becoming fully subscribed, please continue with the application.

This page contains information about the following topics:

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Program Information

The LLS Patient Aid Program, in partnership with Subaru of America and its retailers, provides financial assistance to blood cancer patients. Eligible patients will receive a one-time $100 stipend to help offset non-medical expenses like transportation, food, housing, utilities, etc. There are no income criteria to qualify for this program; patients can be insured or uninsured. 

As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of our sponsors. Program continuation is dependent on the availability of funds and the program could be modified or discontinued at any time if funding is limited or no longer available.


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this program:

  • Reside in the U.S. or U.S. territories at the time of their application.
  • Have a confirmed diagnosis of blood cancer, be in active treatment, scheduled to begin treatment or in follow up care.
  • Have NOT received a Patient Aid Program award in the past.


How to Apply

  • By Phone:  (877) 557-2672 (Hablamos Espanol)
    Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET
  • Online Portal: Click Here 
    24/7, Available in English only

Patients who do not have a Social Security number or Alien ID number should call (877) 557-2672 to apply. Please note that these patients will be required to submit documentation to verify identity.

Click here to download the paper application. 

Online Portal Registration

Required Information for Application:

  • The patient’s Social Security Number and date of birth
    • If patient is a minor (under the age of 18), patient AND guardian’s Social Security Numbers and date of birth are required.
    • Patients who do not have a Social Security number or Alien ID number should call (877) 557-2672 to apply. Please note that these patients will be required to submit documentation to verify identity.
  • The patient’s blood cancer diagnosis
  • Physician’s information (first and last name, and location)

This information will not be shared and is for verification purposes only.

To Create an Online Portal Account:

If this is your first time visiting the LLS Financial Assistance Portal, you will need to register before you can start the online application. To create a portal account you will need the following:

  • Patients/Caregivers
    • A valid email address
  • Medical Healthcare Providers
    • Healthcare provider’s email address
    • Healthcare provider/Facility’s tax ID*
    • Healthcare provider/Facility’s National Provider Identifier (NPI)*

Once you submit your portal registration, you'll receive an email (typically within five minutes) directing you to a website to create your password. You can then begin entering your application information.

*Healthcare providers without a tax ID or NPI should use that of the primary facility/provider.


Healthcare team members may include:

  • Case Manager 
  • Child Life Specialist 
  • Counselor
  • Dentist 
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Financial Counselor
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Doctor
  • Nurse 
  • Nurse Assistant
  • Nurse Navigator
  • Oncologist 
  • Office Manager 
  • Patient Care Coordinator 
  • Psychiatrist 
  • Psychologist 
  • Physician Assistant 
  • Secretary 
  • Social Worker 
  • Therapist

For portal technical support: Please call us at 866-446-7377 or e-mail

Frequently Asked Questions

We Want to Hear How This Program Has Helped You!

We would love to hear how the financial assistance provided by LLS has helped you. Patient stories help us illustrate the impact and importance of this program in the lives of blood cancer patients.

Submit a Story 

To submit a story by mail, please send to:

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Patient Financial Assistance Programs
3 International Drive, Suite 200, Rye Brook, NY 10573

Thank you for sharing!


Benefits and Taxable Income

As a charity, LLS is exempt from federal income tax and individuals who receive assistance from a charity to meet their personal needs do not generally have to pay federal income tax on the value of the assistance they receive. With this being said it should not affect their ability to receive financial assistance from the government or affect their income taxes. 


Contact Information

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Patient Aid Program 
P.O. Box 12268
Newport News, VA 23612

Toll Free Phone: (877) 557-2672
Fax: (866) 808-3793

Live Chat is not available for the Patient Aid Program.

Program Support

LLS is delighted to fund the Patient Aid Program. Additional support is provided by:

Subaru of America and its retailers

Subaru Logo PAP





Camelback Subaru

Ira Subaru

#1 Cochran Subaru

Findlay Subaru Prescott*


#1 Cochran Subaru of Butler County

Tucson Subaru

LaFontaine Subaru

Alexander Subaru


Serra Subaru of Traverse City

Bowser Subaru*

Adventure Subaru*

Subaru of Ann Arbor

Ciocca Subaru of Allentown

Subaru of Little Rock

Subaru of Macomb

Concordville Subaru


Subaru of Muskegon

Fairway Subaru

Albany Subaru

Suburban Subaru of Troy

Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg

Capitol Subaru

Williams Subaru

Fred Beans Subaru

Carlsen Subaru


Lancaster County Motors Subaru*

Cypress Coast Subaru

Bloomington Subaru*

Minooka Subaru

Dalton Subaru National City

Morrie's Brooklyn Park Subaru

New Motors Subaru

DCH Subaru of Thousand Oaks

White Bear Subaru*

Rafferty Subaru

Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek


Sendell Subaru

Elk Grove Subaru

Butte Subaru

Subaru of Moon Township

Fairfield Subaru*

Great Falls Subaru

W & L Subaru

Hello Subaru of Valencia


Rhode Island

Kirby Subaru of Ventura

Baxter Subaru La Vista

Balise Subaru

Lithia Subaru of Fresno

Baxter Subaru Omaha

South Carolina

McKenna Subaru

Beardmore Subaru

AutoNation Subaru Hilton Head

Modesto Subaru*


Crews Subaru of Charleston*

Ocean Subaru of Fullerton

Lithia Reno Subaru

McDaniels Subaru of Columbia

One Subaru of Hayward

Michael Hohl Subaru

South Dakota

Palm Springs Subaru

Subaru of Las Vegas*

Schulte Subaru

Puente Hills Subaru

New Jersey


Sierra Subaru of Monrovia*

Lester Glenn Subaru

Courtesy Subaru

Stevens Creek Subaru

Liberty Subaru

Crown Subaru

Subaru of Glendale

Pine Belt Subaru

Grayson Subaru

Subaru Pacific

Subaru of Englewood

Wyatt Johnson Subaru

Subaru Santa Monica

New Mexico



Fiesta Subaru

Austin Subaru

Flatirons Subaru

New York

Bert Ogden Subaru*

Heuberger Subaru*

Curry Subaru

Brandon Tomes Subaru

Subaru of Loveland

Goldstein Subaru

Cleo Bay Subaru


Hassett Subaru

Ewing Subaru of Plano

North Fort Lauderdale Subaru

Island Subaru

Hiley Subaru

Sport Subaru

Johnstons Subaru

Huffines Subaru Corinth

Sport Subaru South

North Country Subaru

JK Subaru

Subaru Ft. Walton Beach

Star Subaru

North Park Subaru

Subaru of North Miami

Subaru of Troy

Peltier Subaru

Subaru of Pembroke Pines

Subaru White Plains*

Team Gillman Subaru North

Subaru of Wesley Chapel*

North Carolina


Subaru South Tampa

Hunter Subaru

Doug Smith Subaru


Johnson Subaru of Cary

Nate Wade Subaru

Chatham Parkway Subaru

Prestige Subaru


Stivers Decatur Subaru

Scenic Subaru

Haddad Subaru of St. Albans


Sport Durst Subaru of Jacksonville


Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru

North Dakota

Bob Wade Subaru*

Wackerli Subaru*

Grand Forks Subaru

Casey Subaru


Subaru of Mandan*

CMA's Valley Subaru

Grand Subaru


Flow Subaru of Charlottesville

Liberty Subaru

Boardman Subaru

Moore Subaru

Napleton's Schaumburg Subaru

Busam Subaru

R K Subaru

The Autobarn Subaru of Countryside

Byers Airport Subaru

Safford Brown Subaru Manassas


Byers Dublin Subaru

Sheehy Subaru

Bob Rohrman Subaru*

Huebner Subaru

Southern Team Subaru

Falcone Subaru

Ken Ganley Subaru Bedford

Stohlman Subaru

Tom Wood Subaru

Subaru of Kings Automall

Stohlman Subaru of Sterling


Yark Subaru


Jensen Subaru


Cascade Subaru - Wenatchee


Bob Moore Subaru

Dick Hannah Subaru

Subaru of Olathe*

Cavender Subaru of Norman*

Eastside Subaru



Kendall Subaru of Marysville

Quantrell Subaru*

Armstrong Subaru

Michael's Subaru of Bellevue


Capitol Subaru of Salem

Peninsula Subaru

Baldwin Subaru*

Royal Moore Subaru

Subaru of Spokane

Giles Subaru


Tacoma Subaru

Subaru of Baton Rouge


West Virginia



Dutch Miller Subaru

Pape Subaru


Jenkins Subaru



Subaru of Morgantown

Annapolis Subaru



Bel Air Subaru


Bergstrom Subaru

Frederick Subaru


Chilson Subaru

Gateway Subaru


Don Miller Subaru West

Heritage Subaru


Sommer's Subaru

*Opted for the highest level of support at $10,000


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