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LLS Scholarship for Blood Cancer Survivors

Your Future Is Now

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LLS Scholarship for Blood Cancer Survivors

LLS Scholarship for Blood Cancer Survivors

Helping You Look Ahead

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The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) knows how challenging it can be to plan for your future during or after cancer treatment. Hospital stays and interruptions in school may mean pausing your goals. And the high cost of cancer care can make affording higher education difficult.

As you navigate life after diagnosis or treatment, we’re here to help. The LLS Scholarship for Blood Cancer Survivors provides up to $7,500 to cover tuition for virtual or in-person vocational, two-year, or four-year post-secondary education. Your future is now, and we want to support your dreams.



We're excited to celebrate our inaugural class of awardees! From the artist with a unique flair to the athlete pushing their limits, each member of this class is a crucial and incomparable thread, weaving a rich tapestry together with their peers. As our honored Dreamers and Doers, they have set their sights high, reaching for the goals and ideas that drive them. We're looking forward to celebrating with them, and we can't wait to see what they do next!

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Elbit Systems of America
Elbit Systems of America, a proud partner of LLS, is celebrating the lives of blood cancer survivors by providing paid internship opportunities.

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In Gratitude

Our founding supporters are dedicated to helping patients, survivors, and families get the support they need. Thanks to these essential partners, LLS is proud to offer the LLS Scholarship for Blood Cancer Survivors:

Alex Okafor Family Foundation
Beth Ayres in memory of Alan Ayres
Elbit Systems of America