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Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer

Contact: Website or 214-361-2600
Population Served:

Terminally ill children throughout the United States, diagnosed with cancer and in the late stages of their illness, who qualify as low income or financially needy PRIOR to diagnosis, are 18 years old or younger (however, if child is 21 or younger and was diagnosed with their cancer before turning 18 and is still being treated in a pediatric facility, the patient may still qualify), and the application must be submitted by the referring hospital or hospice are team.


Provides anonymous assistance to financially struggling families throughout the country with children in the final stages of terminal cancer, allowing them to create everlasting memories with their child.  Provides direct financial assistance depending on the needs of the child/family.

Dear Jack Foundation

Contact: Website
Population Served:

Young adult cancer patients and survivors in the US


To provide impactful programming benefiting adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cancer; to improve quality of life; to create positive health outcomes from treatment to survivorship.

  • Breathe Now program is a yoga retreat for survivors ages 21 to 39 years (1 to 3 years from active treatment) and their partners (who were with them during treatment).  Includes healthy eating and sessions with a social worker to help couples get back to a balanced relationship and away from being patient and caregiver.
  • LifeList program is for 18-39 year old patients, currently undergoing treatment for a difficult cancer diagnosis, to make a wish list of positive activities, items and/or adventures.  Includes the opportunity to connect with others who have experienced similar journeys. 
  • The Mental Wellness Box provides mental health resources to young adults ages 18-39 who are in active treatment.

Dream Foundation

Contact: 888-437-3267
Population Served:

Any adult, age 18 years or older in the U.S. who has received a year or less prognosis, and cannot financially afford their dream or wish themselves


To serve terminally ill adults and their families by providing end-of-life Dreams that offer inspiration, comfort, and closure

  • General application for adults with a life limiting illness and a life expectancy of one year or less; hospice professionals may also apply for the adult
  • Dreams for Veterans is a national program that honors our nation’s veterans and their families during their end-of-life journey with the realization of a dream come true
  • Flower Empower is a Santa Barbara-based, volunteer-driven program that delivers hope and compassion, in the form of beautiful bouquets to those in need
  • Toy Program provides toys to the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews or younger siblings that are present in the Dream Recipient's life. The toys are sent to the Dream Recipient who then gives the toys to the children.

Grahamtastic Connection

Contact: 207-324-0888 ext. 210
Population Served:

Critically ill children, ages 3 to 18 years living in the US with priority to children in the Northeast


To provide free laptops, tablets, and robotics to seriously ill children for educational purposes. 

  • Provides laptops and other technology to children during treatment so they can continue their education and connect with their teachers as well as with family, friends, and medical providers
  • Professional from child’s medical team must submit request.


Contact: 703-364-5609
Population Served:

Children in treatment for cancer in grades Pre-K through 12


Overcome the social isolation of children in treatment for cancer through technology

  • Connects homebound children to their classmates and family at no cost to the participant or school via web cameras, internet and laptops.
  • Child must be in active treatment and in grade Pre-K through 12th grade

Make-A-Wish America

Contact: 800-722-9474
Population Served:

Children with life-threatening medical conditions that have reached the age of 2½ and are under the age of 18 at the time of referral. Children must be referred within one year of the end of treatment. Children must not have already have had a wish granted by any other wish granting organization.


The mission of Make-A-Wish America is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

  • Every wish experience is driven by the wish child’s interests, creativity and personality.
  • Healthcare professionals, parents, legal guardians, family members and potential wish recipients can initiate the referral inquiry process.
  • The child's treating physician will be contacted to determine whether the child meets our eligibility criteria at the time they are referred.

Memories Live

Contact: 646-245-1698
Population Served:

Individuals in the US with a terminal illness or end-stage disease


To help people with life-limiting illnesses preserve their images, stories, and wisdom by creating personalized movies to pass on to their loved ones.

  • Creates unique legacy movies at no cost to families. The final product is an edited movie saved on a USB drive and mailed to the family.

Nikolas Ritschel Foundation

Contact: Website or (815) 262-8825
Population Served:

Young adult cancer patients ages 18-24 in the US


To provide enrichment opportunities and encouragement to young adult cancer patients

  • Apply online to request a wish for respite, travel, technology or other needs.

One Day To Remember

Contact: Website
Population Served:

Parents in the US with advanced-stage cancer who have at least one child aged 18 or under


To create a fun and personalized activity or outing at no cost for the family to promote hope and provide the opportunity to create lasting, positive memories.

  • Provides at-home activities or outings to local attractions.
  • On the special day, a professional photographer makes a commemorative photobook for the family.

Starlight Children’s Foundation

Contact: Website
Population Served:

Children and teens with chronic or life-threatening medical conditions in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, New Zealand; teens ages 13-20 with medical issues worldwide and their teen siblings


Partners with experts to create programs that help brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families.

  • Partner facilities offer in-hospital programs such as parties and entertainment
  • Check with your child’s treatment center to see if a Starlight Comfort Kit is available (backpack filled with toys, games, books).

Warrior Horses

Contact: Website
Population Served:

Children and adolescents ages 2 -19 years with cancer in the US


To bring joy and a unique experience to pediatric cancer patients by matching them with a "warrior" horse.

  • Matches pediatric cancer patients with a horse that participates in the show ring.  Patients may visit their horse in person or virtually, and follow the horse’s journey in competitions.

Wigs and Wishes

Contact: 856-582-6600
Population Served:

Cancer patients (women and children)


Dedicated to providing wigs & granting wishes to courageous individuals battling cancer.

  • Offers a free wig and complimentary styling services to women with cancer through a network of participating salons and stylists
  • Accepts hair donations; see website for details
  • Offers wishes to children who are terminally ill with cancer