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#TiltCancer embodies The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s gaming & esports initiatives. We invite you to join the community of content creators by leveraging your passion and livestream fundraising to achieve a world without blood cancer.

LLS is the global leader in the fight against cancer. We are the world’s largest non-profit dedicated to fighting blood cancer which is the leading cause of death for childhood cancer.



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Jaiden, Leukemia Survivor

My son, Jaiden was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) on November 21, 2018. Prior to his diagnosis, Jaiden was a very well-rounded athlete and he played almost every sport, until one day...

Toben, Leukemia Survivor

Toben had entered preschool at 3½ years old, and within a few months, he was getting sick often. He started getting random fevers that would go away in a day. When he got leg and arm pains, we started to get concerned...

Nicolas, Lymphoma Survivor

My name is Nicolas. I was born on May 25, 2007. My first 10 years were filled with all the lively activities anyone could imagine for an energetic 10-year-old boy. I played baseball, loved school, books, and most of all...

Nathan, Lymphoma Survivor

Nathan is a young, T-cell lymphoma (TCL) survivor. He just rang the “end of treatment bell” a couple of months ago. His dad, Andy, is a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS)...

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$26,531.84 raised

$17,027.60 raised in 8 hours

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$1,685.46 raised by team

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LLS receives funds directly from Tiltify or Streamlabs electronically. There is nothing extra the streamer needs to do.

Yes, our #TiltCancer recognition program celebrates the fundraising you’re doing starting at $100. Click here to see the latest incentives.

Yes, we have LLS branded Camera and Bar overlays, Starting, Ending & BRB loops, a branded Stinger, and LLS videos to play during breaks. Click here to access.

Yes, all donations made through the platform are deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Tax receipts will be sent to all donors automatically by the fundraising platform.

Participant and donor data is opt in only, meaning, that the individual needs to opt in to share their name and email address with LLS.

If you need help setting up your livestream, the best support is by joining the LLS Discord channel. Our administrator and community members are happy to help get your stream set up. Click here to join our community now.

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