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Healthcare for Undocumented Persons

In most states, undocumented immigrants are not eligible to enroll in Medicare, Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), or to buy Marketplace health coverage. There may be limited options for coverage for emergency services; however, cancer treatment may not constitute emergency care.

Some states have state-funded health programs that provide coverage or assistance to some groups of immigrants, such as children and pregnant women, regardless of immigration status. State-only funded programs for health coverage vary a great deal in terms of eligibility and types of services provided. Visit the National Immigration Law Center to view the Table of Medical Assistance Programs for Immigrants in Various States. (Click the PDF icon to download.)

Even if you are eligible for coverage, there may be legal implications. It can be helpful to talk to a legal expert before making any decisions about enrolling in health coverage. Use the National Immigration Legal Services Directory from the Immigration Advocates Network to search for nonprofit organizations that provide free or low-cost immigration legal services.

Seeking Medical Care

Healthcare professionals should not ask your immigration status. Healthcare professionals are not allowed to share your personal information, including your immigration status, with others.

Free/low-cost clinics often offer care regardless of immigration status. Search for free/low-cost clinics here. You can also go to an emergency room if you need emergency care.

You have a right to an interpreter at no cost when seeking medical care.

Resources for More Information 

For more information, visit the following resources:

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