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Preparing for Tests

It's common to feel some stress or anxiety about having a test or receiving results. Discuss any concerns you may have with your doctor and ask questions so you understand why a specific test is being ordered and what to expect. You may have concerns or questions about:

  • The test's safety
  • Your comfort during and after the test
  • Whether you need to do anything beforehand to prepare for the test, such as fast
  • Whether you'll need someone to take you home after the test
  • The time it will take to get your test results
  • Whether you need to call for the results or if your doctor's office will call you
  • When you'll be able to discuss the test results with your doctor

Many people are uncomfortable about having their blood drawn, getting injections or being in an enclosed space (required for some imaging tests). Talk with your doctor about your concerns or mention them to the staff when you schedule your appointment. Parents often have to calm their child's fears about tests. For guidance, see Coping With Cancer