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Coping with Illness

Being a teenager can already be a time of growing pains and social challenges. Enter in a cancer diagnosis, and life becomes all that more complicated. Browse the list below for books that can help your teen cope.

Suggested Reading - Hundred Percent Chance

Hundred Percent Chance: A Memoir by Robert K. Brown
3/3 Press 2019, 273 Pages, Paperback or Kindle
ISBN: 9781733159005

Hundred Percent Chance: A Memoir is a raw and realistic memoir about a young college student who was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 1990 while he was studying abroad in Lancaster, England – halfway across the world from his home in Seattle.  From battling life-threatening symptoms during a rushed, emergency departure from England, through multiple rounds of chemotherapy and complications over the next eight months, this moving, page-turning story will remind you to make the most of every day.

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Suggested Reading - Cancer Information for Teens

Cancer Information for Teens By Wilma R. Caldwell (Editor)
Omnigraphics, Incorporated, 2004, 450 pages
ISBN: 0780806786

This publication contains health tips about cancer awareness and information about prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer specific for teens.