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acute myeloid leukemia (AML)

In 2001 at the age of 31, I was living in Maui working at the Ritz Carlton and began to feel sick. I had a rash on my hand, was tired, losing weight, and just did not feel well. I had been healthy all my life so thought it would pass. Flash forward, after a doctor visit, with low blood counts, a plane ride back to California, visit with the oncologist, a bone marrow biopsy, on Aug 9, 2001 I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

That night I was admitted to Cedars Sinai Medical Center and had a total of 36 bags of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, over 70 nights on and off in the hospital and lots of follow ups back and forth to Cedars. Luckily, I was single at the time, and my parents and my sister became my full time caretakers!!! I am still friends with my oncologist and several of the nurses on 4SW including my Angel Nurse!! Last year Sandra and I went with my family to Maui to celebrate my 20 year cancer free, it was amazing!!

So here we are in 2022, and I am beyond blessed to be a leukemia survivor. I am dedicated to be a part in making a difference with all of the days I have left, which I hope are many. I have completed 2 hikes (Yosemite) and 2 half marathons (Pasadena and New Orleans) with my team, Team Soulfamily, with Team In Training along with hosting some really fun and successful fundraising events. I am so grateful for my friends, family, my husband, medical team, and anyone who has ever donated to this cause that is so incredibly important to me.