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Inspirational Stories


Leukemia Survivor

Bald is beautiful. Words and looks can be truly powerful. Positivity can change one’s opinion and most important of all, people. Surround yourself with people that make you cry that you’re laughing so hard, that make you smile for no reason, and leave your heart whole.

I am forever and beyond grateful to have my family especially my brother, my doctors, nurses and such great friends in my life. Words can’t even express the emotion and love I have felt. Their words, their looks, and their positivity has helped me to gather the strength that I have needed and I couldn’t have asked for anything more in my life. I am bald and I am beautiful. I am 6 months in remission.

 In 2018 my world was turned upside down. Out of nowhere, on the day after my 24th birthday, I found out I was diagnosed with leukemia and started undergoing treatment. I underwent 3 rounds of chemo and a stem cell transplant. I am forever thankful to be given another chance. Awareness is everything. Many of us will be touched by some form of cancer. Understand your body and spread the love.