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Inspirational Stories


Lymphoma Survivor

I am a survivor of lymphoma (Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin). I was diagnosed with two kinds of cancer at the same time.

When the doctors finally found out what I had, I was already a stage 4. After more than a year of treatment and a stem cell transplant, I can say that I am cancer free. I don't say that too loud because I don't want to make something inside me come back. One doctor even told me that I was going to die. I did not give up!

After searching and searching for a doctor that would help me, I took on the motto: This too shall pass! God has and always will be with me even though man gave up. I was diagnosed in 2004 and here I am today back at my job, looking for a house I can afford and wanting to start a support group to help others. Life has a way of making you feel that it's over, it's done, but God has a way of telling you to hold on to his unchanging hand and all will be taken care of.  When you are stricken with cancer or any devastating illness, it sometimes can cause other things to go wrong in your life. It can be very stressful and some people can not deal with it. Allow them a chance to move on if necessary for your battle may not be theirs. I tell myself that because after 31 years of marriage I am now alone and feeling great. Again, This too shall pass. Live, Love and be Happy