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Inspirational Stories


Myeloma Survivor

Since being diagnosed with myeloma, I've been glad to have the assistance of LLS. For one thing, research they helped fund resulted in Velcade®, one of the drugs I'm being treated with. For another, their financial assistance program has come in very handy during my illness. Thank goodness for LLS. Manual Tapia | Multiple Myeloma Survivor You can tell just by looking at him that Manuel has a positive outlook. It has served him well since his diagnosis with multiple myeloma. Manuel drives a bus in downtown Kansas City and when asked what he most likes to do, his response was simple: Working and working out. After chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, Manuel is in remission and his hopes for the future are equally simple. He wants to stay well. And that's exactly what we wish for him.

Multiple Myeloma Survivor