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Inspirational Stories


Leukemia Survivor

My name is Lillian and I'm 43 years old I have a Alp leukemia. I went into the hospital on July23rd and didn't come out of it until August 2nd then I realize I was being transported and all I could remember was a yellow heart hanging and I was just out of it the whole time.

I'm still trying to grasp on the back that I have leukemia and then I'm going through all this chemo I'm trying to find help for my bone marrow transplant because I have no coverage. I've been very fortunate and lucky because many other states and countries they wouldn't have this when I was a teenager.

I had a friend die from this I almost didn't make it myself, the doctors told me that if I would have waited one more month or two I wouldn't be here today. I thank God that I'm here and I'm alive it is not an easy task but I'm here and anybody can succeed and beat cancer with the help of the doctors and the staff and the hospitals and people that donate. I'm thankful!