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Inspirational Stories


HL Survivor

Lashi, a Chesterfield native, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2011 at 26 years old after discovering a lump under the left side of her chin. Luckily, her lymphoma was detected at an early stage. After going through painful radiation treatments and losing her hair, she received an all-clear report in March of 2012. Lashi credits her support system for helping her during that difficult time: "Throughout my treatment, I had great support and constant encouragement, which I know was important for me. My family and friends cooked for me, sent me cards, books, prayed with me and for me, event went on a spiritual and physical fast - they were beyond amazing." 

Lashi became a volunteer with LLS in 2013, and her "goal is to help make everyone's fight a little easier, until we can say that we have rid the world of blood cancers and all cancers."