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Leukemia Survivor

King has a rare combination of a blood cancer called leukemia (high risk) and G6PD which is an incurable, lifelong blood disorder. His treatment plan is 3 1/2 years of daily chemotherapy. He is up to 75 pills per month, and this does not include intravenous or spinal chemo.

Unfortunately, as he gets older, the amount of chemo and medication he has to take will increase. He is three years into treatment, and has experienced several severe complications throughout this time.

Chemotherapy was so toxic it left him unable to walk for months (vincristine toxicity), nerve damage throughout his body (neuropathy), PTSD, brain swelling (leukoencephalopathy), and painful mouth sores. The scariest part of his treatment is that it can cause lifelong side effects, and worse, a secondary kind of cancer.

 Regardless of all that he has been through, he does his very best to enjoy each day, stay positive, advocate, and spread awareness about pediatric cancer. #KingStrong