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Inspirational Stories



I was diagnosed with Leukemia when I was 20 months old. I endured treatment for a little over 2 years until I was declared cancer free. Since I was diagnosed so young, I do not remember the treatment. However, I do remember the support from The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) as my family participated in the LLS’s Light The Night walk every year for the past 18 years! I looked forward to every fall where I would gather my friends and family under the banner that read "Katie's Cheerleaders" and celebrate my survivorship.

LLS has been constant in my life and has brought me a community of people who support me, other survivors, cancer patients, and families of those who have passed. I am grateful for their support and being an awardee of the LLS Scholarship for Blood Cancer Survivors has been a tremendous help in the furthering of my studies. Receiving these funds gives me additional aid to continue my undergraduate degree in International Relations and study abroad in Germany for my junior year of college! I am thankful for LLS's generosity and support throughout my life, and I look forward to the next Light The Night walk!"