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Inspirational Stories


AML Survivor

My mother, Jennifer, was diagnosed with breast cancer completely unexpectedly in 2015 and beat it a year later. Soon after, she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). We were in complete shock. She is single and lives on our Indian Reservation in Eastern Oregon with no cancer hospitals, so my sister and I completely dropped our careers and lives in other states to take care of her as we were scared and knew she needed support.

She completed aggressive chemo treatment and ended up also having a successful bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor. She had slight GVHD to this at the beginning, but overall, it was an absolute success and she is in complete remission.

She works full time at our tribes health clinic and is in great spirits. When we were going through this, we would scour sites like yours and others, in desperation trying to find survivors of AML.

We think that by sharing survivor stories of leukemia or any cancer, will bring hope and strength to families around the world going thru similar situations.