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Inspirational Stories

Jason T.


My name is Jason T. Quimby and I am the proud past caregiver of my wife and ALL survivor Susana Moro. In November 2016, my wife, was diagnosed ALL leukemia ph+ and admitted to the Miami Cancer Institute South Miami Campus to start her pediatric chemo protocol. Needless to say that for a forty-something mother of three teenage girls this was a huge personal and family challenge to overcome.

Under the care of Dr. Citron & Dr. Fein along with a great group of nurses, Susana was able to achieve remission after five months of therapy. In June 2017 she was admitted to Memorial Sloan Kettering under the care of Dr. Koehne whom oversaw her allogeneic T-cell depleted bone marrow transplant with Susana's younger brother as her donor. With many thanks to God, Susana will celebrate her two-year post transplant anniversary with zero minimal residual disease. Her victory has not been easy and without sacrifice.

The therapies endured over the last three years have left physical and emotional residual impacts that will forever impact her and our family. We are blessed all the same. Many others are currently starting their battles and many more have not survived. For this reason, our Quimby-Moro family is now doing everything we can to help raise blood cancer awareness by supporting LLS and the Miami Cancer Institute.

Susana was the proud Light The Night Champion in Miami 2018 and will be encouraging other Miami champions in 2019. We appreciate you sharing our story and look forward to continuing elevating the awareness. 

Jason T