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Inspirational Stories


Leukemia Survivor

Apex, NC

Hi! My name is Greysun! I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) on March 23, 2011. I was fortunate to get outstanding medical treatment at UNC Children's Hospital and the cancer center. I have been through many rounds of chemo followed by up to six weeks of hospitalization after each one. I have had radiation to my brain followed up by my first bone marrow transplant.

My anonymous donor, Bryan, saved my life. But unfortunately my daddy passed away unexpectedly and my bad blood decided to try and come back. Luckily, UNC caught the cells early. Bryan gave us T-cells but that didn't keep the bad cells away. So I started back on chemo only having to stay inpatient up to four weeks each time. I had another transplant on June 13, 2015 with anonymous cells from an angel from Germany. I engrafted after 10 days and got to come home June 30.

I have been unable to go to school all year but my friends at Laurel Park have been very generous to me.  I have been able to join a golf league, hang out with my mom and have homebound school with Ms. Denise. I am so lucky to have an awesome sister, Alex, and a brother, Eli, who have helped my mom alot. I also have a wonderful friend named Maddie who met us at the clinic each week. My sister even had a baby last year so now I'm an uncle!

I'm doing great and in remission with my German angel cells. I am completely off of cyclosporine and my blood work and weight are great. 

My team Racing for Greysun raised money for the Light The Night Walk last year and we're planning to do it again. Thanks for all the love and support!