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Inspirational Stories


Lymphoma Survivor

We went to our local hospital with what we thought was kidney stone pain! Fast forward 10 hours later and we had a surgeon tell us Geoff had stage 4 cancer, fast forward another 3 days, a hospital transfer, and he found out the monster we were dealing with was stage 4 Burkitts lymphoma and if we hadn’t come in he would have died in 3 weeks!

Due to the rapid growing tumors he started chemo right away. It still seems so unreal. Over the last 7 months we have spent countless days in the hospital and clinic. He was required to have 24 hour care - 8 rounds, 16 lumbar punctures, and nonstop! It was as if a massive hurricane was sitting on top of our family.

His attitude was that of a super hero! Let’s do this- we got this-we’re common sayings. The pain he felt was awful to watch but he would still get up while he was inpatient and track his laps by passing out starburst candy every lap he walked. The nurses loved it.

After 7 months of being beaten by the storm we received a remission diagnosis. We are so grateful for the team of doctors, the amazing nursing staff, the family we have that helped maneuver the schedules, and our friends for the massive support! Here’s the deal with cancer- it is a battle, it will change your life, but you choose your attitude every day! We choose the the attitude that we can beat it!