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New York, NY

My journey with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) started in 2015 when my spouse was diagnosed with orbital lymphoma.  

I have been working in the oncology field for the past 20 years. Hearing the words my spouse has cancer was scary.  After meeting with the oncologist he did not need treatments watch and wait approach was great news. Proudly he got to the 5 year benchmark and he is well. 

Then 2019 I started to have all abdominal issues. Pain, pressure in abdomen as well in my back. We did multiple scans all negative.  Yeh!

Then in 2020 January I knew something is not right. My energy level was zilch! I am an avid runner, no appetite stomach felt bloated all the time. I was a mess. 

I then pursued in January for my medical team to do more extensive testing. I was devastated to find out I had lymphoma follicular in the abdomen. 

I knew something was wrong, sadly my scans in December I had a mass. 

These last 2 year have thrown my life into a nightmare. I went through the pandemic of receiving chemotherapy alone. No family member could be with me. Emotional and mentally I'm not the same the person I was before getting news. 

I had treatment Rituxan and Bendamustine.  Sadly the pandemic in New York city kept halting my treatments.  

Here I am today finished my treatments.  The support of LLS has been beyond exceptional.  I could not have gone through this journey in my life without you all. I'm forever grateful for all your support.