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Inspirational Stories


CML Survivor

Today I am celebrating one year of being a CML survivor! With my initial diagnosis, I wondered what did a person with CML look like? I immediately began to consider my final days of life with making edits to a living will, securing a cancer life insurance policy and making sure my mother would be well taken care of.

A couple of weeks later, unbeknown to me that I would come face to face with a renowned preacher, who looked me in the eyes and told me with a strong abrasive voice, “Cancel Your Plans To Die!” While I didn’t expect this profound order, I did take heed.

I have pain, physically and emotionally and no I do not enjoy it. The chemo therapy frustrates me more than anything. Many did not know until now that I was diagnosed with this blood cancer and some may even think that I do not look ill and have never witnessed me in a crisis, well the deal is that I do have a crisis every now and then and some of you have been with me and helped, cared for, nursed and pampered me. Many have prayed for and constantly checked in on me.

Having been told once that I was in remission and then told traces were still visible, I resolved myself to knowing that a remission is not what I am looking for but rather a healing, and God is capable of that. To anyone who may be dealing with a potentially terminal illness, know that God is able to work miracles.