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Lymphoma Survivor

My name is Chrissy, approx. a year ago I had kidney stones and went to hospital for treatment. They sent me for scans and the CT scan showed a spot/mass on my spleen. Being that size it was at that time doctors told me to leave it be. But either a higher power that be or my body truly speaking out, this past Jan came and I had more kidney stones , same thing went to same hospital same radiology place , but this time things change so drastically. They told me the mass is solid and suspicious and more than doubled in size in less then a year.

Me being the researcher that I am, googled everything , bad bad idea! So my hubby found the best and most caring oncologist and surgeon on LI. Being that we couldn't biopsy a spleen we decided to removed right away, at this point could barely eat or sleep from the pain on my side from the mass. Fast forward from all the blood work and bone marrow biopsy, May 6th was my surgery and 3 days after that changed everything,

They told me the mass was b cell follicular lymphoma. That day I thought that's it im dying, no one could tell me otherwise, Except for when my hubby brought me immediately to my oncologist Dr Caruso and he calmed me down and told me all about the new treatments for this and I felt in such great hands. I am grateful today that body told me there was an issue or else I wouldn't be taking here today, I am grateful for my hubby and the doctors and life! This made me open my eyes to not take life for granted.