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Inspirational Stories


ALL Survivor

At two and a half years old, Charlie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

Soon after being diagnosed, she underwent surgery to insert a port-a-cath so she could receive chemotherapy treatments and make route blood work easier on her. Chemotherapy treatments were extremely hard on her little body and she refused to walk. She had neuropathy from the treatments.

Charlie’s chemotherapy treatments continued for more than two years. She fought a hard battle on a daily basis and never ever gave up. She is a hero in her family’s eyes. It’s hard to imagine a child having to fight such a hard battle at such a young age. Cancer took her childhood.

Charlie remembers nothing about her journey to remission, but as her mom, I remember it as though it was just yesterday. She is a miracle and a blessing! She will be in remission for seven years in August and I cannot thank God enough for watching over her. Charlie is a fighter and nothing can stop her!