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Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor

I had blood cancer and for that, I’m lucky. I’m not being facetious, I really believe I’m lucky. The doctors told me that Stage 2 Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) is highly treatable and this is the cancer to have if you’re going to get cancer. But that’s not the only reason why I’m lucky.

The very first philanthropic effort that I did with my BFF was when we were 17 years old and allowed to donate blood. This is one of the first times I realized I was lucky. By giving blood I could give the gift of life. It’s something I also had in common with my husband who is an avid blood donor. They both continue as a blood donors but for me that ability ended with my diagnosis of blood cancer.

Our son Nicholas was born in July 2001 and that was the most amazing, lucky experience of all. Ten months later I found a lump in my neck. A few weeks later, after multiple doctors’ visits, CT scans and a biopsy, it was confirmed that I had HL. I began a protocol of ABDV treatment and vividly remember that first day with my husband by my side, surrounded by several other cancer patients who didn’t appear to be as lucky as me. I felt sorry for them and briefly for myself, knowing that I, too, would soon look like them and prayed I would live for the sake of my son. We celebrated Nicholas’ first birthday the week after my first treatment. Everyone there that day didn’t think I was lucky; they thought this was tragic. It was difficult for them to look me in the eye. They wanted to be strong for me but it was too difficult for them. Instead, I became stronger for them. After all, I was lucky.

I went into remission and was soon enough cancer free. Now, it’s nearly 13 years later and I luckily remain cancer free. My doctor has even said that I’m “Cured”!

I am grateful to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) for its dedication to finding treatments and cures for blood cancer. I became involved with LLS by participating in a Light The Night event and then joined Team in Training to give back to this amazing organization and to support the patents who aren’t as lucky as me. How lucky was I to have the ability to raise funds, train for and participate in a half marathon with my BFF by my side at our favorite place on earth, Disney World. We have since participated in several Team In Training events and have collectively raised tens of thousands of dollars towards a cure.

My prayers and wishes always include the vision of a world without cancer. How lucky will we all be then.