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Lymphoma Survivor

Brian was diagnosed with a rare form of Burkett’s related, high-grade B-cell lymphoma in May 2019. He currently receives both in-patient and out-patient chemotherapy, with cycles where he receives chemo for seven days in a row 24 hours a day. Between these cycles he has anywhere from 2-3 weeks off, though he still travels to the hospital for appointments three times a week (blood transfusions, blood work, IV’s, spinal taps etc.).

Brian lives with his wife, who is a teacher and two children, ages three and one. Prior to his diagnosis, Brian was working full-time for the department of defense, but hasn't been able to since he started his aggressive treatment. The family has been commuting (3-hour drive round-trip) to and from the hospital since May.

The added expenses for transportation and lodging near the hospital for them to stay during his long chemo cycles have added significant financial hardship for the family. Brian is also starting to receive numerous medical bills for his treatment and prescriptions, which are adding up.

Childcare is also a major concern for the family, since they normally wouldn't have needed to pay over the summer while his wife is off from school. His wife immediately started crying out of relief when she received the approval call. It has been a very difficult time juggling being a caregiver, wife, and mother of two toddlers.

Please know that your donations to this society and the assistance programs have given this family a gift that no words of gratitude can express.