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Inspirational Stories


Leukemia Survivor

Saugus, CA

Looking back at when this journey started, it kind of feels unreal. Life can change in an instant. For us, that moment was on September 2, 2016. Bella had been having fevers on and off for two months with no other symptoms and medicine was barely keeping them down. We took her to the doctor's office and were told it was probably just a virus.

She had pain in her abdomen every time we would try to pick her up. Doctors told us it was probably nothing. Luckily, her three-year checkup came and they did her annual blood work. After more tests were done, it was confirmed that Bella had leukemia. Our brave Bella went through a lot. The treatment medications and chemo were rough on her little body.

Bella at her age has gone through more than most people will go through in their lifetime. This is the case for children with cancer. Our goal is to try to raise awareness and we hope that we can help others by sharing Bella's story. As parents, it will always break our hearts to remember what our daughter went through.

We will always be praying for a cure for all, we will always try to help. We are so thankful to the people that came before us and helped raise awareness and money for research. They are the reason Bella is here.

How amazing would it be to find a cure that didn’t have such bad side effects? How amazing would it be to have a world where cancer no longer takes lives!