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non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL)

Finding out Ashton was sick started as a bunch of nothing small headaches, fevers, dizzy spells but you would never know she was not well. She was working, going to school, and caring for her son. Then the lumps came. They first started in her neck and abdomen. She refused to slow down for care due to trying to be a super mom, but one day the pain in her neck was so severe she finally went to the hospital. We then learned she had non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Soon after, she had multiple surgeries and started her battle off fighting strong with chemo, but it didn’t slow down her spirit. Ashton is a believer that God will carry her through with His strength and the strength He blesses her family of supporters with. She is a proud wife, a mother of three boys, she is on the PTA board, she is up and at every sports event they participate in, and she lives life to the fullest! She is currently a trainer at Burn Boot Camp where her personal goal is to impact lives by showing others they are stronger than anything they face! She loves fitness and helping people learn how to care for their health! She is fighting to end blood cancer by spreading awareness.

Submitted by a friend.

Ashton non-Hodgkin lymphoma