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My dad was diagnosed with leukemia this past fall. Our family was left in utter shock as my dad was the epitome of health his whole life. From our yearly ski trips, hiking and biking excursions, and running four marathons (motivating me to run my first with him), there was nothing he couldn’t do. He still continues to be the strongest man I know five months into his battle. He continues to face every day with a smile on his face and his head held high. Despite having faced a multitude of complications, he’s been defying all odds and proving to us, once again, how strong and resilient he truly is.

After five rounds of chemo, we are still trying to pave our way towards remission. This road has been long and definitely not easy, but now more than ever, we truly realize the importance of research and funding in the field of oncology. With the numerous complications my dad has been experiencing, we are turning towards clinical trials and research with hopes of it providing us with a light at the end of the tunnel.

In light of his diagnosis, I have made the commitment to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and run the NYC Marathon in 2023 with Team In Training (TNT) for him. After running my first-ever marathon with him just last April, I want to run this race and dedicate it to not only him but every family who has gone through battling cancer.

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