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CDP Information & Policies

A reference for active Career Development Program (CDP) awardees

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Grant Requirements

Reporting Schedule: The Progress Report, IP Disclosure Report,* Financial Report, and Conflicts Disclosure Report** are annual requirements. Publications Reports are required quarterly. The reporting schedule for a particular grant is printed on its Grant Agreement and listed under Reports Due in the LLS Research Portal (FLUXX). Below is an example of a typical schedule for a three-year CDP award starting on July 1, 2020. Other CDP awards' reporting schedules will follow a similar pattern.

Example Reporting Schedule for 3-Year CDP Award

Publications Report #1

October 1, 2020

Publications Report #2

January 1, 2021

Publications Report #3

  April 1, 2021

Interim Year 1 Progress Report
Interim Year 1 IP Disclosure Report*
Interim Year 1 Conflicts Disclosure Report**

  May 1, 2021

Publications Report #4

  July 1, 2021

Interim Year 1 Financial Report

  September 1, 2021

Publications Report #5

  October 1, 2021

Publications Report #6

  January 1, 2022

Publications Report #7

  April 1, 2022

Interim Year 2 Progress Report
Interim Year 2 IP Disclosure Report*
Interim Year 2 Conflicts Disclosure Report**

  May 1, 2022

Publications Report #8

  July 1, 2022

Interim Year 2 Financial Report

  September 1, 2022

Publications Report #9

  October 1, 2022

Publications Report #10

  January 1, 2023

Publications Report #11

  April 1, 2023

Publications Report #12

  July 1, 2023

Final Progress Report
Final IP Disclosure Report*
Final Financial Report
Final Conflicts Disclosure Report**

  September 1, 2023

*The IP Disclosure Report was formerly referred to as the Patent Report.
**The Conflicts Disclosure Report is an annual requirement for awards activated in 2020 or later.


Report Submission: Progress Reports and Publications Reports should be submitted by the researcher (the PI). Financial Reports should be submitted by the financial officer, and IP Disclosure Report should be submitted by the technology/transfer officer. The Conflicts Disclosure Report must also be routed through the technology/transfer office but may be submitted by the PI. LLS research progress reporting is conducted through the LLS Research Portal (FLUXX). Access this portal using the same username and password that were used during the application process.
Individuals responsible for submitting reports must be manually added to each individual award record in our system in order for them to have reporting access for each award. Contact to update reporting access for your award.

Researchers and administrators should be careful to follow all instructions on the report web form and downloadable template. Reports that fail to follow instructions will be returned for revision, which may delay award payment. Do not save templates for future use the templates are subject to change and therefore must be newly downloaded for each submission.

Download the Report Submission Guide for detailed instructions on submitting a report in the LLS Research Portal (FLUXX).
Note: FLUXX recently updated the grantee portal view, so the pages will visually be different from the screenshots shown in this guide. This change is aesthetic only; the process for submitting reports remains unchanged.

Award Payment

LLS pays CDP awards quarterly in March, June, September, and December. Payments are contingent upon reporting requirements; all report approvals must be up to date in order for payment to be processed. A list of sent payments can be viewed in the LLS Research Portal (FLUXX) under Dispersed Payments.


LLS approval is required at least 30 days prior to an award's transfer to a new institution or laboratory. In order to submit a request for transfer, complete a Special Requests report in the LLS Research Portal (FLUXX). Your request will be reviewed, and you will receive a notification from LLS with the results of the review or with a request for more information. Approval is contingent upon continued research support and sponsorship, fitness of the new research environment, and circumstances of your award type and timing of the request (see your Grant Agreement for more details).

Transfer to another investigator is not allowed for CDP awards. In the event an award is not completed due to incapacitating illness or death of the awardee, the prorated, unexpended funds must be returned to LLS.

Leaves of Absence

LLS approval is required at least 30 days prior to the interruption of an award. Leaves of absence may not exceed 1 year in duration. In order to submit a request for leave of absence, complete a Special Requests report in the LLS Research Portal (FLUXX). If the request is approved, funding of the award will be suspended during the leave period, and the award term will be extended for a period equal to the duration of the suspension (e.g. following an approved 1-year leave of absence, an award originally scheduled to end 6/30/2022 will end 6/30/2023).

If  you have questions regarding your award that are not addressed here, please contact the Research Administration Team at