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Treatment Outcomes

Among patients with MF, the prognosis (meaning the likely outcome of the disease) varies widely. Each patient’s risk factors are evaluated individually to determine their prognosis.

The approximate median survival for MF patients is as follows, based on their risk category:

  • 15.4 years for low-risk category patients
  • 6.5 years for intermediate-1 (INT-1) risk category patients
  • 2.9 years for INT-2 risk category patients
  • 1.3 years for high-risk category patients

However, some people with MF may survive for decades following their diagnosis. It is important to know that outcome data can show how groups of people with MF responded to treatment in the past, but it cannot always determine how any particular person will respond. For these reasons, patients are advised to discuss information about survival with their doctors.

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