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Stars Will Twinkle, The Sun Will Shine

A three-book series for kids with blood cancer

Stars Will Twinkle, The Sun Will Shine

Follow Olivia and her family as she is diagnosed with leukemia, goes to the hospital for treatment, and returns to school.

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An Introduction by Gwen Nichols, MD, LLS Chief Medical Officer

New to the Stars Will Twinkle, The Sun Will Shine series?

Watch this brief introduction to the books by LLS’s Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Nichols also offers a reminder of one of LLS’s key goals: to support children with blood cancer, and their families, at every step after their diagnosis.

Book Read-Alouds

Add to your reading experience with these video recordings of Olivia’s story.

Discover the Series

Under The Weather

In this first story, Olivia is not feeling well. She visits her pediatrician, who sends her to a special doctor to find out why she is sick. This doctor, called a hematologist-oncologist, explains to Olivia that she has leukemia.

Stars Will Twinkle

In the second story, Olivia goes to the hospital to treat her leukemia. She meets the people who work at the hospital, gets medicine, plays in the playroom, and makes a new friend.

Home Sweet Home

In the last story, Olivia has returned home after her hospital stay. She returns to school and soon settles in, having occasional play dates with friends. But when she begins to feel poorly, Olivia must go back to the hospital. Before long, Olivia is feeling better and happy to be home again.