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Dane Vassiliadis, PhD

Parkville, VIC

The University of Melbourne

I am a bioinformatician and postdoctoral fellow at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Center working in the cancer epigenetics laboratory led by Professor Mark Dawson. Through my postdoctoral and Ph.D. training, I have developed a rare and important skill set that encompasses proficiency in both molecular and computational biology. My career to date has pursued an understanding of how epigenetic mechanisms regulate gene expression in cells and how we can combine clever molecular biology with novel computational techniques to reveal new insights in these areas. In the context of cancer, I have a particular interest in haematological malignancies and seek to understand the role that epigenetics and transcriptional regulation play in the development of therapeutic resistance to conventional, targeted, and immune-based therapies. My research aims to develop novel biological and computational tools to identify and circumvent these processes for the successful treatment of cancer.

Program Name(s)
Career Development Program
Dane Vassiliadis