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The Trish Greene Back to School Program For Children With Cancer

The Trish Greene Back to School Program For Children With Cancer offers free information and materials to parents and educators. The program was developed to encourage communication among parents, young patients, healthcare professionals and school personnel to assure children a smooth transition from active treatment to back to school.

To provide these resources to your patients, see below or contact an LLS Information Specialist.


Staying Connected®: Facilitating the Learning Experience During and After Cancer Treatment

An online continuing education program for teachers, school nurses, social workers, school counselors, and other school and college personnel focused on the needs of children, adolescents and young adults (AYAs) who have survived or are being treated for any type of cancer. The program provides information on cancers that affect children and AYAs, education and psychosocial challenges for survivors throughout their education, laws that protect childhood/AYA survivors’ rights, strategies to help meet the students’ needs, and resources to support schools and families.  

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The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Free Booklets and Videos

  • Caring for Kids and Adolescents with Blood Cancer: A Workbook for Families - This workbook is written for the parent/guardian of a minor child (up to age 18), and includes information about caring for your child, treatment options, school, nutrition, financial and legal issues, and more. This Family Workbook includes a set of set of worksheets and activities and includes a tote, journal, pen and pill organizer. Click here to download PDFs or order a copy of the full workbook.
  • Learning & Living with Cancer - This booklet can help parents advocate for their child's educational needs. It examines the learning challenges your child may face both during and after cancer treatment, laws that protect the educational needs of children with cancer and specific ways that schools can help meet a child's educational needs. (Also available in Spanish.) Click here to download or order copies.
  • Coloring and Activity Books
    • Pictures of My Journey - Helps children cope with the new people, situations and concerns that are part of the childhood cancer experience. Click here to download or order copies.
    • The Stem Cell Transplant  - Helps children cope with having a stem cell transplant. Also for siblings, classmates, and children with a parent undergoing a transplant. Click here to download or order copies.
  • LLS Coloring For Kids™ Mobile App - Allows children to express their creativity and offers activities to help them learn about blood cancer and its treatment. Click here to learn more or download.

To access more resources for children and young adults, click here.

A Panel Discussion on Transitioning Your Student Back to School: Practical Tips and Advice 

Watch this informative panel discussion of school personnel for practical tips on supporting a student attending school during or after cancer treatment. This video is a companion to LLS’ Staying Connected® continuing education activity for school personnel to better understand and support their student diagnosed with cancer.

For more information about The Trish Greene program, contact an LLS Information Specialist.

Before her death from cancer in 1999, Trish Greene, Ph.D., was the senior vice president of Patient Services at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She was devoted to patient services for cancer patients and created the Back-to-School program. Her devotion to patients and their families will never be forgotten.