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SCOR: Specialized Center of Research

What it is.

The innovative SCOR program funds teams of researchers from one or several institutions to engage in collaborative efforts to develop a focused research program, foster new interactions and cooperation, and enhance interdisciplinary research among the participants in order to discover new approaches to treating patients with blood cancers.

What it does.

The SCOR program brings together distinguished investigators with a deep understanding of the complexity of blood cancers and their treatments. The teams are uniquely positioned to undertake groundbreaking research. The work seeks to to develop innovative approaches for the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of hematological malignancies.

FY20 Grant Recipients

Carl June, MD
University of Pennsylvania
"Pan-heme" CAR: Anti-CD38 CAR T cells for myeloid, lymphoid and plasma cell malignancies

Jonathan Licht, MBBS
University of Florida
Targeting Enhancer Dysfunction in Hematological Malignancy

Madhav Dhodapkar, MD
Emory University
Improving targeted adoptive cell therapy of myeloma