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Inspirational Stories


Multiple Myeloma (MM)

In 2017, I was 52 and in pretty good shape. I was at the gym working out, and after a certain lift, I could not get off the bench by myself. After being helped up, I somehow drove myself home. The next morning, I could not get out of bed without my wife lifting me up. We went straight to the doctor and got an MRI. Then we got the news “you have cancer,” and it is eating your vertebrate in your neck. I was sent to a spine and neck specialist and also to a cancer doctor to find out what kind of cancer. Multiple Myeloma (MM) was the diagnosis.

So, the process was to get rods in my neck first, then get somewhat well, then have radiation, chemo, and a stem cell transplant. During the isolation period of the stem cell transplant is where we meet The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). They came to my room and just started talking. Honestly, at first, I thought they were there to sell me something! However, they just chatted and asked what I needed, and said they would be back soon to visit again. They did, and on that visit, they gave me information on LLS and how they might could help. When my wife came for her visit, I gave her the information. She got in touch, and the LLS team was a Godsend! They guided us through many fronts, from a mental health aspect to financial help, and just showed us mercy and respect while we were battling.

LLS really made a huge difference in my recovery! I'm now very active, in remission, and able to be with our 28-year-son, 23-year-old daughter, 11-year-old daughter, and our extended family and friends! I'm working in the family business, lifting weights, running, cycling, doing Crossfit, going to rodeos and concerts, swimming, and boating. I just get to be a normal human, and I contribute that to God, family, great healthcare teams, and the hard work, of course, of LLS!