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blood cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer in January 2023. We initially thought it was a misshapen aortic arch until I got an echocardiogram. After I was formally diagnosed, I told my friends. I underwent surgery, and my friends and family came to visit me once I was awake. I was set to be in a runway show before I was diagnosed, and I decided to still walk in it. I dyed my hair purple before the show so I could raise awareness on the runway. This is when my modeling career began, and I began to gain a following on TikTok.

My grandma, a close family friend, my mom, and my aunt also got tattoos for me. One of the most impactful moments for me was when we decided to have a "head-shaving" party. Almost my entire grade attended, and almost everyone dyed their hair or shaved it for me. My school hosted purple Tuesdays where everyone wore purple and showed up early to hang out. My friends from other states who I hadn't seen in years flew out to see me.

I got chemo once every two weeks for four months. Once I buzzed my hair, I continued to do photoshoots where I also showed my port scar to show other patients and survivors they could still be beautiful with scars and hair loss. I was signed with a modeling agency during chemo. My mom and I also began to hand out stuffed animals to other children in the blood disorder ward of my hospital. After four months. I was officially in remission and able to ring the bell. However, I plan on continuing my advocacy and modeling with a shaved head.

Samantha W