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Inspirational Stories

Rommy Omarys


My younger sister was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2022. She is the youngest of four siblings. I am the oldest, and for me, she has always been my baby sister. We all go through different difficulties family, personal, economic life, etc. but when a disease affects your body to the degree of being between life and death, the perspective is different. With the greatest sadness in the world and the possibility of not seeing my sister again in this physical plane, I never lost hope. The light in the dark was always strong and bright. With light, love, and a lot of humor, we face each day with excellent health professionals dedicated with love to their great work and service. From the hand of God and the Universe, we have managed to emerge victorious in the battle against cancer. I am very grateful and blessed with life. My sister has been a source of motivation and inspiration for a new life, a new opportunity, to be reborn, and to live with more hope. I value her more, I admire her, and I support her in all her life projects. I join this initiative, Light The Night (LTN), with her to also contribute and be rays of light for all patients, family members, and staff.