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Inspirational Stories



I'd like to share how when life looks dark, we never know what's over the horizon. Not quite eight years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma with a 50% chance to live 2½ years. I was blindsided, to say the least. I'm happy to say I've been in remission for over five years now. Once I received chemo, I never got the energy back I once had, and being a physical workaholic, this changed my life. I began practicing the guitar that I've had for years and put into this daily. I guess you could say it became a mental therapy for me as well as a new way to enjoy my life. Fast forward to a year ago when I played for the first time in public on the curb in my town of 350 people in northern Wisconsin. Now, here I am a year later lined up to perform at a couple of Music in the Park venues, local pubs, and a music festival on Washington Island this fall. I recently was asked to participate in a music competition in Nekoosa, Wisconsin, to top it all off. I'm 55, and this is so far beyond what I'd ever considered doing with my music. I share this because I want others to know that just because a diagnosis is tragic and your life may change drastically doesn't mean your situation is hopeless or that there aren't other directions where you can be fulfilled. Try to stay positive and be willing to compromise on ways in which you can engage. Thanks for reading, and my best wishes to you all.