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B-cell lymphoma (BL)

I have had the opportunity to know Paul since he was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma (BL). Paul has an energy that makes it so you will like him instantly and this is exactly what happened. I have had my share of patient's lose their battle over the years so I am very cautious now of who I allow in my bubble. I am certain that even if I had not allowed Paul and his wife Carrie into mine they would have found a way in anyhow. Paul sailed thru R-Chop like a champ.

I introduced The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and the work that you do for the Cohen's at this time. I find that LLS gives the MOST comprehensive information for me to share with my patients who can then turn around and share it with their families and friends.

During his 6 cycles, he took time to work on writing, composing, directing, and producing an album that he has now released called The Senary. I am still trying to figure out what The Senary means. You see each of the songs on Paulie's album were written by him, each with hidden 80's movie lines in them and each flowing into the next one. He calls them all Easter Eggs, like what Jeep owners call the hidden features on their vehicles. Paulie used The Senary as his therapy, his outlet, his distraction from lymphoma, and treatment. This all while the world went full force into a pandemic, stripping this very outgoing and gregarious man of the very thing he loves to do, be social.

Paul also won't admit this but he was crucial in assisting our local university in receiving the largest benefit donation in its history and it was so large it made national news. Remember though how I said that Paul went thru R-Chop like a champ? Well as it often happens Paul and I met again, his lymphoma had returned and progressed. This is when I learned of the album. This is when I learned of Paul's vulnerable side. Paul went thru just two rounds of RICE before the decision was made to send him for Car-T therapy. I once again relied on the information that LLS has made available for healthcare professionals to give to patients and families. It is invaluable and brings so much comfort to have easily explained information readily available. I am excited to tell you that my friend and patient Paul will be getting his infusion on 10/4. He would really like to share his music with as many people as possible. 

I am a huge advocate of LLS and hopefully, now that I am able to focus more on less areas of oncology I can become more involved in LLS.

Written by nurse navigator

paul BL