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Inspirational Stories



In 2020, I was asked to join The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Student Visionaries of the Year (SVOY) by my friend, Camryn, who is now leukemia-free. Unsure of what LLS was or what I was getting myself into, I hesitated but agreed. Two years later, after my second grand finale event for SVOY Toledo, I was in love. I enjoyed the creativity of coming up with events, I loved the competition, and I loved the people and stories I heard along the way. After graduating high school, I knew that I couldn't stop. I reached out to the University of Toledo, as well as LLS, to get involved with the new LLS On Campus program. After months of working to get our student group approved on campus, the University of Toledo now recognizes our LLS On Campus club as one of their exceptional campus organizations with me leading the way.

LLS has shaped my life in more ways than imagined. It has given me a new interest in the academic world, inspiring me to pursue a degree in nursing, and encouraging me to expand my work with LLS to begin research into oncology and hematology, in which I am currently enrolled. LLS has also provided me with management and leadership opportunities, but most importantly, the LLS has taught me not to take life for granted. So, if you ever get a call to help, say yes, you never know what it’s going to teach you.

Connor on camps volunteer