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Inspirational Stories


ALL Survivor

Cristian will be donating his bone marrow to his younger brother Cody at the end of this month. He will have to take shots to get his cells to multiply. His body will be sore and will take a tole. His muscles and bones will hurt.

On the date of collection he will have to sit still for four hours. If the doctors are unable to get a full collection Cristian will have to go home with the catheter in his neck to return the next day for another four hours of collection of cells. He says he will do anything for his brother.

This is the ultimate gift of life. Since his brother was diagnosed in 2016 with ALL, Cristian has had to take the back seat knowing that his younger brother needed help in fighting this horrible disease.

I know he has been affected mentally knowing what Cody has gone through. Cristian will forever be our hero.