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I'm Christian, a 20-year-old patient currently fighting a rare type of lymphoma with no cure. It's called subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma. I was diagnosed on January 27, 2020, after a year of many tests and hospital stays. I pushed myself to get through high school and thank God and with a lot of hard work, I finished and graduated with my class, even while on a chemo-like treatment.

I never quit finished at the top of my classes and a perseverance award. I'm currently on a medical clinical trial treatment at City of Hope.

I am currently a college student, cadet with the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA), and working as an emergency medical technician. If my health permits, I plan to start the Santa Ana College Fire Academy program in 2024. Since I was little, I dreamed of serving my community as a firefighter, I won't allow my cancer diagnosis to prevent me from accomplishing my dreams. 

I am praying my treatment keeps leading in a positive direction. I have many dreams and goals many of which are difficult but not impossible. My cancer is unpredictable and is always changing. Having no cure makes things almost impossible to plan ahead due to how fast and unpredictable this condition is.

Before this treatment, it has been 4 times of relapses and reoccurring symptoms. I am blessed to finally say I am in remission for the first time since this illness started. At this point, I am getting prepared for a stem cell transplant because it is my only known cure. I hope that through the process of sharing my story and inspiring people I can find either myself a potential donor and raise awareness for many others in need. 

Christian Lymphoma