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Apply to the Influential Medicine Providing Access to Clinical Trials (IMPACT) Program

Making an Impact on Clinical Trial Access

The submission period for IMPACT is now closed. Thank you for your Letters of Intent.

LLS seeks to bring clinical trials to the patients through the Influential Medicine Providing Access to Clinical Trials (IMPACT) program.

The overall goal is to expand clinical trial access to patients by having clinical trial participation occur mainly at local community oncology centers. These clinical trials will be hosted by the major cancer center (IMPACT hub) who will partner with community-based oncologists to facilitate recruitment and participation of patients at community oncology centers. The trials should be high-quality, interventional, and can target any hematological malignancy as well as any relevant premalignant condition.

Each IMPACT award will be comprised of a hub that will establish a network of partnerships with community-based oncology centers. The hub is based at a major academic cancer research and treatment center (the host institution) which will oversee the clinical trials. The hub will coordinate with their community oncology partners to recruit patients on the trials as well as to oversee the proper conduct of trial activity occurring at the community centers.

Click here to see our active IMPACT portfolio.

Please find all IMPACT program documents available for download here:

Award information:

  • The maximal award value is $250,000 for each year of the five-year grant, which may include overhead costs of up to 5%.
  • An additional $150,000 may be provided to strong IMPACT programs with well-justified expenses.
  • The funding is meant to support infrastructure to implement trials at the community locations. All trial costs must be supported by other sources.
  • LLS IMPACT funding is for 5 years. It is expected that IMPACT awardees will work towards a goal of sustainability of the program beyond LLS funding.


How to apply

  • Please refer to the Guidelines & Instructions document above
  • Is this your first time applying for an LLS Research grant? You can get started by requesting a new account in the LLS Research Portal by clicking here.
  • The IMPACT application will be completed in two phases: Letter of Intent and Full Application. Please see the Guidelines & Instructions document for the step-by-step instructions.
  • See the table below for all the key dates and deadlines:

2022-2023 Application Key Dates

Phase Date
Call for Proposals October 2022
Letter of Intent Due January 13, 2023, 3:00 PM (ET)
Invitation for Full Application Submission January 20, 2023
Full Application Phase Deadline March 10, 2023, 3:00 PM (ET)
Notification of Awards June 2023
Funding Start Date October 1, 2023


More Questions?

Please refer to the downloadable Guidelines and Instructions document above for answers and for contact information.