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Academic Clinical Trials Program (ACT)

The submission period for ACT is now closed. Thank you for your Letters of Intent.


The Academic Clinical Trials Program (ACT) is the newest program in the LLS Research portfolio.

Applications are sought proposing novel approaches to the treatment of hematological malignancies and related pre-malignant conditions. The primary focus will be IIT Phase 1 or 2 trials investigating novel agents in any hematological disease either as single agents or in combination therapies. Any therapy type whether biological or chemical is eligible.

The focus of the research must be a clinical trial; however, additional aims can address topics such as correlative studies, biomarker investigations, etc. Repurposing of existing agents into novel diseases will also be considered. LLS is seeking truly novel advances and not simply incremental advances of existing agents. Existing trials or expansion of existing trials are eligible to apply.


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