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Hematology Horizons Vlog Series

A video series that brings you onsite to learn about the latest advances in blood cancer treatment and navigating survivorship. 

Managing Side Effects
Join Elissa Baldwin of the LLS Patient Education team as she speaks to Jeffrey Zonder, MD of Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, MI. In this episode, we discuss the side effects that blood cancer patients may experience during and after treatment. Dr. Zonder expresses the importance of open communication with the treatment team to better manage side effects. 

CAR T-Cell Therapy and the Patient Experience
Join Elissa Baldwin of the LLS Patient Education team as she speaks to Olaleken Oluwole, MBBS, MD and Brittney Baer, BSN, RN, of Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN about CAR T-cell therapy. In this episode we discuss this groundbreaking therapy as well as after care for patients.

Supported by Bristol Myers Squibb; Genentech, Inc. & Biogen; Johnson & Johnson & Legend Biotech; Kite, a Gilead Company; and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. 

A Journey Through the Lab: Advancements in Blood Cancer Testing
Join Elissa Baldwin of the LLS Patient Education team as she speaks to Dr. Stephanie McAlhany of Labcorp Oncology about genomics and genetics testing for blood cancers. Have you ever wondered what happens after a bone marrow biopsy or blood test? Join us on a journey through the testing lab. You will learn about the importance of these tests, and how the results are used to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis and treatment options for your specific blood cancer. Individualized medicine starts here. 

Supported by Labcorp Oncology

Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Episodes:

Transitions in Cancer Care: The Roadmap of Survivorship
In this episode, you will hear how their presentation addresses how young adults navigate through the various transitions of cancer survivorship. These transitions may include when patients finish treatment, move from pediatric care to adult care, or age out of the AYA (Adolescent and Young Adult) group altogether, and more.

Supported by a grant from Genentech, Inc. & Biogen.

Spring 2024 Digital Health Awards

Live from the 5th Annual Global Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Global Cancer Congress
Join Elissa Baldwin of the LLS Patient Education team as she speaks to Jim Brewer, Vice President of LLS’s Dare To Dream Project. In this episode, you will hear how LLS’s education programs, individualized support, public policy efforts, and innovative, worldwide PedAL Master Clinical Trial are transforming the landscape of pediatric cancer, resulting in promising therapies and better outcomes for patients.

Spanish Episode:

Trasplantes para Cáncer de Sangre y Enfermedad Injerto Contra Huésped:
En este episodio hablamos con Eneida Nemecek, MD, MS, MBA sobre el trasplante de células madre para los cánceres de sangre. Discutimos cómo los trasplantes son opciones de tratamiento para muchos pacientes con cáncer de sangre. Discutimos cómo funciona el Registro de Donantes para posibles donantes de células madre. También se analiza la enfermedad de injerto contra huésped, un posible efecto secundario del trasplante y cómo se puede controlar.

Transplants for Blood Cancer and Graft Versus Host Disease:
In this episode, we speak with Eneida Nemecek, MD, MS, MBA about stem cell transplantation for blood cancers. We discuss how transplantations are treatment options for many blood cancer patients. We discuss how the Donor Registry works for potential stem cell donors.  Also discussed is Graft versus Host disease, a possible side effect from transplant, and how it can be managed.  

More to come! Check back soon for more episodes on survivorship, genomics, CAR T-cell therapy, and side effects.


Supported by a grant from Genentech, Inc. & Biogen.