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LLS Statement on Confirmation of Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Rye Brook, N.Y., April 7, 2022 — The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) applauds the confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson as the next Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Her confirmation represents a historic moment.

The decisions made by our country’s judicial system directly impact the ability of patients to access care. Yet Black women have been excluded from key roles in the judicial system for too long. This historical discrimination extends beyond judicial appointments. It’s systemic, touching everything from our schools, to our workplaces, to our healthcare. 

Not all patients have the same opportunity to access adequate healthcare. This is especially true for Black Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities. Black Americans represent only 5% of patients participating in clinical trials — even though they are disproportionately likely to have some cancers. They are more likely than White patients to face medical debt for their cancer care. And they are overrepresented in the Medicaid coverage gap.

LLS works tirelessly to ensure the voices of all blood cancer patients are heard and no stone is left unturned in the fight for equity in healthcare. LLS and volunteers advocate for policies at the state and federal level that safely accelerate the development of new treatments and break down barriers to care. We comprehensively amplify patient voices in all branches of government — including the judicial branch.

All blood cancer patients — and all Americans, regardless of backgrounds, identities, abilities and experiences — deserve representation in all parts of our government. Judge Jackson’s historic role on the U.S. Supreme Court brings us one step closer to that ideal.