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The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Signs Working With Cancer Pledge

Rye Brook, N.Y. June 16, 2023 - As a global leader and healthcare innovator committed to helping blood cancer patients survive and thrive in their lives after treatment, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is joining other leaders from companies, health care providers, and non-profits across the globe, to stand together and pledge to provide a more supportive, and recovery-forward culture at work for people with cancer.

LLS pledges the following to our employees:

1.    Wellness and Mental Health: As the world’s largest nonprofit health organization dedicated to creating a world without blood cancer, the health and wellbeing of our employees is — and always has been — a top priority. LLS deeply understands the emotional, financial, and physical toll of a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment.  We support wellness through:  

  • our Healthy LLS program focused on mind, body, money and work
  • our employee assistance programs
  • providing access to our highly trained oncology social workers and nurses, who assist blood cancer patients through treatment, financial, and social challenges

2.    Healthcare: With the cost of cancer care rising at an alarming rate, more of the cost burden is shifting to patients. We offer comprehensive health benefits so employees living with cancer can obtain high quality care at an affordable cost. LLS is also a leader in advocating for affordable care for cancer patients. 

3.    Time away from work: LLS provides generous family and medical leave policies and flexible work arrangements to help employees step away from work when needed for treatment, checkups, rest, and recovery.

4.    Community: We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcome, seen, and heard. This includes being comfortable to openly share challenges happening in their personal lives, including living with cancer or other illness. This includes supporting our Cancer Survivors and Patients employee resource group.

LLS is committed to doing everything we can as an employer to help employees manage the impacts of living with cancer, from initial diagnosis, through treatment, and survivorship.



E. Anders Kolb, M.D. President & Chief Executive Officer

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Dale G. Nissenbaum, EVP, General Counsel & Chief People Officer

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